Unlike fairytales, keeping flawless skin in real life is a lot of WORK...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Testing 1 2 3

 Let me just say that my skin is far from perfect. I've gone through every skin type there is (Oily, combo, sensitive, dry, VERY dry) Currently dealing with Dry/sensitive skin. That said, I'll be posting reviews of what's been working for me and what worked on making my wallet lighter with no results >= (
So let's get started with the first review!

As I said my skin is FAAAAR from perfect specially right now. I've never had such bad break out problems I actually had to go to a dermatologist to get them under control but unfortunately the medication has a lot of side effects such as dryness, peeling, sensitivity to the sun...etc.  Currently I'm on Doryx 150mg , Ziana, and epiduo. I use Ziana at night and Epiduo in the morning. I gotta say this combo of medication has done wonders for my skin acne wise. No more breakouts but unfortunately it's presented a new problem, dryness!!
My dermatologist said I should use cetaphil and I did but it didn't do enough so I bought the Avocado Rich cream from skinfood. I started using it last week and I must say, wow! This stuff has worked amazing  for my skin. It has a fragrance which actually scared me since I'm usually very sensitive when it comes fragrances but it wasn't irritating at all. It glides on your skin very smoothly and sinks in leaving a nice dewy complexion. It's not sticky and dries fast which is nice. It's loaded with nutrients from the avocado and macadamia oil as well. The packaging is cute, nothing fancy. My only complain is the price! Only 50mg  and 26 dollars! Granted you don't need very much but still I find it expensive for such a tiny product.I've been using it twice a day for about 6 days now and I can definitely see the improvement on my skin.  So here's the Overview of this product:

                                               -  Keeps your skin hydrated all day.
                                               - Results on first time use.
                                               - Vitamin A and D


                                               -  Only 50mg (very small jar)
                                               -  Pricey
                                               Perfumey smell

                                    What skinfood says about it:
Luxurious cream pampers skin with protein-rich avocado oil, macadamia nut oil and meadow foam seed oil for deep down moisturization that keep skin wonderfully soft and smooth for hours on end. By creating a protective layer around skin, the cream effectively traps moisture against skin surface, helping skin stay optimally hydrated and nourished all day long. 

                                                  Great product, will repurchase!